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  1. Incandescent
  2. Revelry
  3. Score (v.)
  4. Beguile
  5. Magnanimous
  1. a to make a notch or a scratch
  2. b to deceive, mislead; charm
  3. c boisterous festivity
  4. d generous, noble in spirit
  5. e shining brightly

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  1. to attack with satire, mock harshly
  2. endless; seeming to be without end
  3. impossible to attack successfully
  4. essential; necessary to complete something
  5. fear and anxiety

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  1. Voracioushaving a great appetite


  2. Fazeto bother, upset, or disconcert


  3. Churlishto make an educated guess


  4. Pariahan outcast


  5. Ennuiboredom, lack of interest and energy


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