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  1. parathyroid glands function?
  2. parathyroid abbreviation?
  3. anterior lobe also known as
  4. pituitary gland consistis of these parts
  5. stimulus
  1. a adenohypophysis
  2. b PTH
  3. c controls the activity of a gland
  4. d maintain normal serum calcium levels
  5. e anterior lobe and posterior lobe

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  1. T4
  2. neurohypophysis
  3. not enough sugar in blood
  4. thymosin
  5. mammary glands

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  1. adrenalines functions?increase heart rate and blood pressure, dilate bronchial tubes, and release glucose(sugars) for energy


  2. contains three atoms of iodineT3


  3. IDDM is short for?estrogens or estradiol, or estrone, and progesterone


  4. pituitary gland also named?hypophysis


  5. endocrine glandsadrenaline


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