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  1. Inquisition
  2. Clement V
  3. Dark Ages
  4. Tiber
  5. Papilio
  1. a the river that Rome was built on.
  2. b the pope that moved from Rome to Avignon.
  3. c the years 500 to 1000
  4. d Roman Catholic tribunal for investigating and prosecuting charges of heresy—especially the one active in Spain during the 1400s.
  5. e the word for leather tent in Latin

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  1. Ordered the Jews to leave Spain on pain of death in 1492
  2. the Roman leader that attacked Carthage 204 B.C.
  3. the selling or buying of a position in a Christian church
  4. They used their knowledge of Aristotle to debate many issues of their time.
  5. established in 1481 by Ferdinand and Isabela.

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  1. Henry IIone of the most powerful Capetian, ruled from 1180 to 1223.


  2. Caligaethe heavy military sandals that used iron hob-nails as treads.


  3. rackthis battle would decide the Second Punic War in favor of the Romans.


  4. Pope Leo IXthe Pope that issued a plea that resulted in the First Crusade. Offered those going on the Crusades a "ticket to heaven"


  5. ByzantiumThe Roman short sword


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