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  1. during depolarization which of the membranes is more permeable
  2. the following is a description of which subdivision of the ventricular system: a roughly pyramid-shaped space. Dorsally, this ventricle extends
    into the cerebellum, and caudally it forms a narrow channel which more caudally
    continues into the cerebral spinal cord and forms the central canal.
  3. primary sensory neurons are derived from what
  4. what is the section of white matter known to mediate conscious perception of mechanical stimuli, propriocepion etc
  5. which version of lamina 9 is for sensory proprioception
  1. a sodium
  2. b gamma
  3. c fourth ventricle
  4. d neural crest
  5. e posterior dorsal funiculus

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  1. organogenesis
  2. feedback cycles
  3. anterior commissure
  4. parasympathetic
  5. radicular arteries

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  1. what is the phenomenom where an axon has multiple targets and branchesmetencephalon


  2. in which trimester is the cns formed2nd trimester


  3. what is formed by the second week in the development processbilaminar germ disk


  4. what are examples of deep cerebral veinsinternal cerebral vein, great cerebral vein of galen


  5. what is the potassium channel blocker that isolates sodiumtelencephalon


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