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  1. Group Norms
  2. Heuristic/Systematic Model
  3. Jigsaw Classroom
  4. Scapegoat Theory
  5. Cooperation
  1. a Theory that posits two routes to persuasion, via either conscious or automatic processing
  2. b Situation in which people must wok together with others to help achieve their goals
  3. c The idea that blaming problems and misfortunes on outgroups contributes to negative attitudes toward these outgroups
  4. d A cooperative learning technique for reducing feelings of prejudice
  5. e The beliefs or behaviors that a group of people accept as normal

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  1. the tendency of group members to think alike
  2. A tendency for groups to take greater risks than the same individuals (on average) would have decided to take individually
  3. Simultaneously holding egalitarian values and negative feelings toward minorities
  4. Over time people separate the message from the messanger
  5. The individual who delivers a message

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  1. Stigma by AssociationRejection of those who associate with stigmatized others


  2. TrustworthinessWhether a source will honestly tell you what he or she knows


  3. Bait-and-SwitchWhether you accept the message


  4. Self-Serving BiasThe tendency for people to take credit for success but refuse blame for problems and failures


  5. Bad Apple EffectThe idea that one social loafer can cause other people to loaf as well


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