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  1. How did the New Deal alter the course of America's government?
  2. Amendment 10
  3. What is communism?
  4. What was America's first national constitution, and when did it go into effect?
  5. Amendment 8
  1. a Excessive bail, fines and punishment prohibited
  2. b Powers reserved to states and people
  3. c It created big government, welfare, and Social Security, and signified a shift in the government's role - from protecting to providing for Americans.
  4. d A political theory derived from Karl Marx, a classless society where all property is owned by the people and each person is paid and works according to their needs and abilities.
  5. e The Articles of the Confederation, which took effect in 1781.

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  1. memoriā teneō,
    (tenēre, tenuī, tentus, 2nd)
  2. Succession to the Presidency
  3. Right to vote not denied by race, color or slavery
  4. Everything, including the soul, consists of tiny particles of matter.
  5. cognōscō,
    (cognōscere, cognōvī, cognitus, 3rd)

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  1. am away/distantabsum,
    (abesse, āfuī, āfutūrus, intr.)
    (ā, ab with ablative)


  2. What was the Northwest Ordinance and what did it prohibit?A document that set rules for creating new states. It prohibited slavery.


  3. from/on all sidesTo reform the church from the inside.


  4. DescartesDifferent forms of reality; thought and extension.


  5. injustice, wronginjūria, injūriae


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