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  1. in apoptosis in the cns inhibition of Bcl-2 channels leads to the release of what
  2. which transport mechanism across the bbb is responsible for the movement of charged proteins
  3. which cells of the bbb are known to be connective tissue cells with smooth muscle like properties
  4. what is known to prevent substances that easily enter peripheral tissues from entering the brain
  5. in his experiment which sensation did dr henry head regain last
  1. a motor
  2. b blood brain barrier
  3. c adsorptive mediated transcytosis
  4. d pericyte
  5. e cytochrome c

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  1. efflux transport
  2. adsorptive mediated
  3. transport mediated
  4. correct synaptogenesis
  5. distance principle

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  1. the use of l-dopa to cross the bbb is an example of what type of processuse of precursor


  2. which circumventricular organ has an unclear function but secretes ptreins into csfsubcommissural organ


  3. which cells of the bbb are known to have end feet that cover majority of the brainmantle layer


  4. where do new cells in the adult human come fromsubventricular zone


  5. in apoptosis in the cns calcium release is known to inhibit which channelsBcl-2


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