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  1. pinnacle
  2. intrepid
  3. seraph
  4. sinewy
  5. one in a series of levels
  1. a the highest point, a spire
  2. b echelon
  3. c strong and firm, tough
  4. d fearlessness, bravery
  5. e an angel

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  1. lazy
  2. fit or suitable for drinking, drinkable
  3. a substance that causes cancer
  4. verve
  5. to ponder or think deeply

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  1. to banish, to not includewanderlust


  2. boudoirfit or suitable for drinking, drinkable


  3. caucusuproar confusion or chaos


  4. buffoona decorative chain or strip hung in a curve between two points


  5. n. something light, delicate, or tenuous, cobwebsgossamer


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