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  1. censure
  2. elegy
  3. optimum
  4. sedulous
  5. nihilism
  1. a to criticize sharply
  2. b best, most favorable, ideal
  3. c total rejection of established laws
  4. d a sad or mournful poem
  5. e hard working; diligent

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  1. something that does not logically follow
  2. correction, improvement, amendment
  3. to correct, to make right, remedy, resolve
  4. a sound made by a bell, often rung slowly for a death or funeral
  5. an expression of praise

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  1. carriona work which imitates another in a ridiculous manner


  2. callowyoung and inexperienced


  3. obdurateto weaken, devitalize, exhaust


  4. besmirchsyn: soil, sully, smear
    ant: cleanse


  5. antipathyan exact opposite, converse


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