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  1. fortuitous
  2. extenuate
  3. knell
  4. importune
  5. besmirch
  1. a to lessen seriousness by providing partial excuses
  2. b to make dirty, to stain
  3. c syn: accidental, unexpected
    ant: premeditated, intentional
  4. d to ask persistently, beg, appeal, badger
  5. e a sound made by a bell, often rung slowly for a death or funeral

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  1. lacking a sense of right and wrong
  2. to confuse, bewilder, muddle, obscure
  3. a curse
  4. an exact opposite, converse
  5. in good faith, legitimate, genuine

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  1. fopto stare angrily, frown, scowl


  2. effetewealth; richness


  3. affluencewealth; richness


  4. non sequitursomething that does not logically follow


  5. amorphousshapeless, formless, vague


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