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  1. Byzantium
  2. Scipio
  3. Patricians
  4. Constantinople
  5. Legion
  1. a The group that held most of the power in Rome.
  2. b the Roman leader that attacked Carthage 204 B.C.
  3. c the military unit of the Roman Empire were organized into these.
  4. d Today known as Istanbul
  5. e Constantine moved the capital of the Roman Empire here.

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  1. succeeded Louis the Sluggard, he was an undistinguished duke from the middle of France.
  2. the group that would eventually defeat the Byzantine emperors
  3. professionalized the Roman Army.
  4. what was the first enemy city confronted by the Crusaders
  5. the leader of the Greek Orthodox Church that asked Urban II for help.

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  1. Jan Hustaught that the authority of the Bible was higher than that of the Pope.


  2. Spartacusthe leader that led a rebellion of slaves in 70 B.C. against the Roman empire


  3. Pope Leo IXenforced Church laws against simony and the marriage of priests.


  4. Strappadoform of torture that involved hanging from your arms


  5. rackForm of torture that involved rollers and a handle.


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