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  1. what are the 3 layers of the neural tube
  2. which circumventricular organ secretes melatonin and monitors circadian rhytms
  3. what is the term for an integer of multiple minis
  4. which type of transport (anterograde/retrograde) is responsible for the repair of downstream targets
  5. which type of cell in the bbb provides stability
  1. a evoked synaptic response
  2. b anterograde
  3. c pineal gland
  4. d neuroepithelial
  5. e pericyte

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  1. calcium
  2. radial nerve
  3. neuroepithelial zone
  4. lenght constant
  5. P75

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  1. When studying synapses what is the best component to researchNMJ


  2. who is considered to be the father of immunityhierarchial chain circuit


  3. which method involves the use of osmotic or chemical means to aid in the crossing of the bbbincrease permeability


  4. the highest density of what kind of channels exist on the spike initiaion zonevoltage gated sodium channels


  5. what is the distance that the depoalarization falls 37% of its original valuelambda


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