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  1. nutrition, imbalance: more than the body requirements,
  2. nursing intervention for dehiscence or evisceration
  3. ECF
  4. respiratory preparation
  5. Major cations
  1. a cover with a sterile towel moistened with sterile saline
    have patient flex knees slightly and put in Fowler's position
    and notify the physician
  2. b relate to:
    excess intake of food
    prevent or treat atelectasis
    improve lung expansion
    improve oxygenation
  4. d NA+
  5. e Na, K, Ca, Mg

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  1. <3.5 mEq/L mantains ICF balance
  2. effects of early postoperative ambulation
    increases circulation, rate and depth or breathing.
    urination, metabolism and peristalsis
  3. Airway
    System review
  4. risk of aspiration
    atelectasis - lung collapse
    thrombus formation
    altered tissue perfusion

    DISORIENTATION OR TOXIC reactions can occur in the older adult relate to the administration of anesthetics, sedatives, or analgesics. these reactions are often present for day after administration of the medication
  5. Common causes excessive oral fluid intake; failure to excrete fluids; excess hypotonic or isotonic IV fluids

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  1. Ccortisone or steroid use


  2. PURPOSEteach patient about posibility of tubes
    nasogastric tubes
    wound evacuation units


  3. elimination errorsare often stoic when ill. complaints of pain to the nurse may be in general terms such as, "I am uncomfortable." undertreatment of pain is common. the patient may lack basic trust.


  4. ICFK+


  5. manifestations of resp. alkalosisrapid deep breathing; seizures, confusion, hypokalemia, muscle weakness, numbness of extremities


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