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  1. dissuade
  2. disputable
  3. subliminal
  4. havoc
  5. pulverize
  1. a widespread destruction and devastation; chaos and disorder
  2. b beyond doubt or question; certain
  3. c to pound, crush, or grind into powder or dust
  4. d below the threshold of concious thought; not detectable, but able to bring a response
  5. e to discourage from doing something through persuasion

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  1. sly intelligence; craftiness with the intention to deceive
  2. a bring or coming to an end; a halt
  3. to take advantage of people by tricking or fooling them; someone tricked and taken advantage of
  4. to criticize, argue, or rause objections over something unimportant; an unimportant complaint
  5. a feeling that something will happen in the future; an advance warning

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  1. overturea piece of music intended to introduce a longer work; an act or offer showing readiness to form a relationship or negotiate


  2. initiativea beginning or an introductory step; an opening move; the ability or wish to start something; eneterprise; determenation


  3. deterto draw a conclusion from evidence


  4. thwartto prevent from taking place; frustrate; block


  5. decompositionthe process of rotting, breaking down, or disintegration