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  1. Prerogative
  2. Hallow
  3. Regionalism/Local Color
  4. Surmised
  5. Congenial
  1. a compatible
  2. b guessed
  3. c Sought to capture the essence of life in the various regions of the growing nations through the use of regional dialect and vivid descriptions of the landscape.
  4. d to be made holy
  5. e a privilege

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  1. rules for manners and ceremonies
  2. seperate
  3. evil in nature
  4. an external part
  5. A term first used by Gertrude Stein to describe the post-World War 1 generation of American writers: men and women haunted by a sense of betrayal and emptiness brought about by the destructiveness of war.

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  1. ModernismWriters attempted to capture the essence of modern life in both the form and content of their work. Uncertainty, bewilderment, and apparent meaninglessness were common themes in modern literature. Writers abandoned the traditional plot, structure and structured stories to reflect fragmentation of human experience.


  2. Sluggishslow in movement


  3. Humor TargetWriting that uses humor to ridicule or criticize individuals, ideas, institutions, social conventions, or other works of art and literature.


  4. Effacedsufficient


  5. Stream of ConsciousnessA technique that presents thoughts as if they were coming directly from a character's mind. Instead of being arranged in chronologiccal order, the events of the story are presented from the character's feelings and memories just as they might spontaneously occur in the mind of a real person.