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  1. access time
  2. nonvolatile memory
  3. kilobyte
  4. address
  5. values
  1. a a unique number that identifies the location of a byte in memory
  2. b doen't lose its contents when power is removed from the computer
  3. c the amount of time it takes the processor to read data, instructions, and info from memory
  4. d numbers
  5. e 1,024 bytes

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  1. servers as the interface between the user, the application software, and the computer. the operating systems. it runs the whole computer.
  2. the process of carrying out the commands
  3. allows the spreadsheets ti display its data in visual form
  4. a piece of semi-conducting material on which integrated circuits are etched.
  5. allow users to create and edit images. common editing tasks- resizing, cropping, retouching, color correcting, compositing, applying filters

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  1. fontdesktop programs


  2. 8 key pieces to make a computeruse continuous signals to represent data and info


  3. custompay for someone to customize your software just for you.


  4. decodingrefers to the process of translating the instruction into signals the computer can execute


  5. Control Unitresponsible for fetching an instruction into the registers within a processor and analyzing that instruction to determine what needs to be done.