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  1. Impressionistic
  2. Laudable
  3. Commence
  4. Red herring
  5. Critique
  1. a Noun- Something that draws attention away from the main issue.
  2. b Adjective- Worthy of praise or honor.
  3. c Verb-To Begin
  4. d Noun- A detailed review; man evaluation
    Verb- To review, discuss, or evaluate.
  5. e (Adj.) Describing a highly personal, individual response to experience. Stephen Crane's novel The Red Badge of Courage shows a young soldier's impressionistic view of a war.

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  1. Noun- A tribute: spoken written praise, often given in honor of a person who has died.
    ize, ized
  2. Verb- To draw conclusions from evidence.
  3. Noun- Publicly expressed honor or respect.
  4. (Noun), A feeling that something will happen in the future; an advance warning.
  5. Noun- Great Praise; An award.

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  1. RefuteVerb- To prove to be false or invalid; to deny the accuracy or truth of.


  2. AnathemaVerb- To draw conclusions from evidence.


  3. ObstructionNoun- Something that blocks or gets in the way of; an obstacle.


  4. ThwartVerb- To prevent from taking place; frustrate; block.


  5. DissuadeVerb- To discourage from doing something through persuading.