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  1. land rush
  2. Stephen A Douglas
  3. Richmond, Virginia
  4. Fast Mail
  5. life expectancy in 2000
  1. a a Democrat who sought to pass bill which would allow new U.S. settlers to own slaves
  2. b The capital of the Confederate States
  3. c girls age 79 and boys age 74
  4. d whenever the government made land available for settlement, people would line up with their wagons and on horses to claim their 160 acres
  5. e Mail-by-train, went from New York to California in 24 hours

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  1. machine used to send messages using morse code
  2. The railroad that stretched from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific
  3. most famous pioneer of colonial times
  4. World War II lasted from 1939-1945
  5. another name for gold-miners

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  1. General Santa AnnaJapanese General that became more powerful than the Emperor


  2. Great Depressiondiffucult years from 1929-1939


  3. Dwight L. MoodyAmerica's most famous evangelist in the 19th century


  4. stampedewhen cattle run wildly from being spooked


  5. Francis Scott Keythe site of the battle torn flag inspired him to write the national anthem