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  1. Coriolis Effect
  2. sunspots
  3. kinetic energy
  4. longitudinal wave
  5. nebula
  1. a Energy in motion
  2. b The way Earth's rotation makes winds in the Northern Hemisphere curve to the right and winds in the Southern Hemisphere curve to the left.
  3. c a large cloud of gas and dust in space, spread out in an immense volume
  4. d areas on the sun's surface that are cooler and less bright than surrounding areas, are caused by the sun's magnetic field, and occur in cycles
  5. e waves that have the same direction of oscillations or vibrations along or parallel to their direction of travel, which means that the oscillations of the medium (particle) is in the same direction or opposite direction as the motion of the wave.

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  1. the movement of an object around another object
  2. the apparent change in frequency of electromagnetic or sound waves caused by the relative motions of the source and the observer
  3. a form of energy that can move through the vacuum of space
  4. chemical substance, found mainly in liquid coolants, that damages the earth's protective ozone layer
  5. when a star is in Main sequence and turns into a high mass star rather then low mass

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  1. densitymeasure of salt in water


  2. reflectionn. The throwing off or back of light, heat, sound, or any form of energy that travels in waves.


  3. Heliocentrichaving the sun as the center


  4. HR Diagrama graph that shows the relationship between the absolute magnitude and temperature of stars, a plot of the absolute magnitude of luminosity of stars versus their surfce temperatures or spectral classes


  5. AristotleProposed a geocentric model