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  1. Equal Pay Act
  2. trade barriers
  3. Channel of Distribution
  4. Debit
  5. currency
  1. a another name for money
  2. b A particular way to direct products to consumers
  3. c requires that men and women be paid the same wages for doing equal work
  4. d an electronic check; an alternative method to cash when making a payment
  5. e governments use to limit competition from other countries (to keep foreign trade out)

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  1. government offers to businesses to encourage socially responsible behavior
  2. gives artists the sole right to own their creations, such as plays, photos, music, paintings and books
  3. like using a credit card but money is deducted directly from a checking account rather than a credit account
  4. money or an equivalent, as a check, paid at the time of making a purchase
  5. a combination of a market and command economy

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  1. DemographicsFacts about the population in terms of age, gender, location, income and education


  2. balance sheetthe report of the financial state of a business on a certain date


  3. hourly wageno limits on trade


  4. canceled checkschecks that have been written but haven't yet reached the bank


  5. bank statementa bank's record of all the transactions in a checking account