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  1. posh
  2. relating to or adapted for walking, or changeable
  3. reverberate
  4. (n.) regret for having done something wrong
  5. enjoys the company of others, social
  1. a ambulatory
  2. b echo, repeat all around
  3. c gregarious
  4. d remorse
  5. e fashionable and hip

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  1. to steal insignificant items
  2. producing a hissing sound
  3. aborigine
  4. cacophonous
  5. talkative

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  1. plummetrich, demonstrating great wealth, extravagant


  2. to banish, to not includeostracize


  3. physical beautypulchritude


  4. parochialhaving to do with the church parish, having a closed mind


  5. flamboyantshowy, having confidence, stylish