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  1. canker
  2. Assail
  3. anachronism
  4. Congenial
  5. Belie
  1. a kindred or similar, pleasant ADJ
  2. b attack violently with blows or words VB
  3. c an evil cancer, menace, or bane N, to infect, to corrupt the spirit V
  4. d to give a false impression of. V
  5. e an error in chronology especially misplacing of persons, events, objects, or customs. N

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  1. a cause of widespread punishment or pestilence N/VB-to punish
  2. in agreement or harmony with something ADJ
  3. surrender or yield, something that one possesses V
  4. of or relating to the underworld, infernal
  5. arousing or deserving hatred or repugnance. ADJ

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  1. invectiveinsulting or abusive lauguage ADJ


  2. arbitratefree from injury, violation, or desecration. untouched. ADJ


  3. motleyan enthusiast, devotee, a devoted admirer N


  4. Expedientappropriate, advisable or useful//swift, fleet or quick ADJ


  5. emulatecopy