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  1. what primary vesicle is the forebrain and produces secondary brain vesicles telen/diencephalon
  2. within the telecephalon what is imprtant to memory and emotional reactions
  3. as the brain continues to grow which lobe eventually covers the diencephalon
  4. what are the two largeest parts of the diencephalon
  5. what is the anatomical term for the point where a pathway crosses the midline
  1. a amygdala
  2. b temporal lobe
  3. c prosencephalon
  4. d thalmus, hypothalmus
  5. e decussation

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  1. ribosomes
  2. meningohydroencyphalocele
  3. prevertrbral ganglia
  4. cranial nerve 1
  5. hypothalmus

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  1. what is the only form of sympathetic ganglia (para/pre/supra) that will terminate at the sam level, ascend, descendparavertebral


  2. what is the anatomical term for the tail of the spinal cordcaudal


  3. which part of the cns controls conscious perception, thought, volitiontelecephalon


  4. if the branches of the middle cerebral artery , lenticulostriate artery are damaged what will resultoccipital lobe


  5. what drains the third ventricleopthalmic