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  1. progesterone function
  2. adrenal cortex secretes?
  3. T4
  4. oxytocin abbreviation
  5. growth hormone GH stimulates
  1. a corticosteroids
  2. b growth of bones, other tissues
  3. c OT
  4. d thyroxine
  5. e preparation and maintenance of uterus in pregnancy

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  1. aldosterone
  2. thyroid gland
  3. hypothalamic releasing factors
  4. RAISE blood glucose levels, carries sugar from "cells to blood"
  5. noradrenaline

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  1. endo=gland


  2. diabetes mellituslack of insulin, results from an INCREASE in blood glucose, hunger, thirst, and urination


  3. ex/ophthalm/iaprotruding of the eyeballs


  4. epinephrine=to secrete


  5. parathyroid gland is controlled by what stimulus?Autonomic nervous system