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  1. liberation
  2. Nazareth
  3. whirling dervish
  4. passover
  5. Baal
  1. a a type of muslim sufi, the mevlevi order of mystics who dance in a circular whirl to achive an ecstatic trance and experience allah
  2. b the town in northern Israel near the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus' parents orginated. they went from there south to bethelhem.
  3. c Lord or master - nature deity common in western Semitic cultures, including Canaan; appears in jewish scriptures
  4. d expressed as solidarity with the poor notably in latin american african american and feminist thought
  5. e jewish holy day with a seder meal. celebrating the Exodus of the ancient Hebrews from Egyptian slavery about 1250 BCE, led by moses.

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  1. christian thought in 19th/20th century accepting evolution and liblical criticism, stresing immaence of God, potential for good in humans and social gospel reforms
  2. jews who migrated from spain in 1492
  3. pilgrimage to Hajj, mecca during month Dhul-hija. one of 5 basic duties of muslim.
  4. witness-one who dies for a faith or a cause
  5. the four Hindu stages of life, student, householder, hermit, and homeless wanderer

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  1. Hebrewsthe escape of the ancient hebrews from slavery in Egypt, around 1250 BCE, led by moses to the promised land, now Israel


  2. sarahbelief in the truth of GOd or the past and basic orientation of a person of trust, confidence and loyalty explicit or implicit


  3. canonizationthe official sacred texts of a religion


  4. lutheranismfounding principles of the protestant reformation. martin luther, a german priest/professor began to teach in 1517 that all have direct access to God "priesthood of all believers", justicifation by faith (not by works alone) and the sole authority of the bible. also a later protestant denomination


  5. mesopotamialand between two rivers - the ancient settled region between and around the tigris and euphrates rivers , east of med. sea once babylonia, now iraq