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  1. variable expenses
  2. Target Marketing
  3. wages
  4. breach of contract
  5. trade deficit
  1. a money that is paid or received for work or services, as by the hour, day, or week.
  2. b when one party fails to live up to the terms of a contract
  3. c expenses that fluctuate and over which you have some control, such as food and entertainment
  4. d Businesses perform detailed research on markets to find and analyze potential customers in their market
  5. e when a country imports more than it exports

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  1. the amount or quantity of goods and services that consumers are willing to buy at various prices
  2. an electronic check; an alternative method to cash when making a payment
  3. expenses that occur regularly and must be paid regularly, such as rent and car insurance
  4. revenue is greater than expenses
  5. another name for checking accounts

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  1. gross paytotal pay before any deductions are subtracted


  2. trustmoney or an equivalent, as a check, paid at the time of making a purchase


  3. bank reconciliationbuilds and sustains a market economy


  4. favorable exchange ratethe difference in the value between how much a country imports and how much it exports


  5. net lossset of moral principles by which people conduct themselves personally, socially, or professionally