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  1. what is the outtermost meninges layer
  2. what is the anatomical term for the front of the spine
  3. what is the primary function of glial cells
  4. what structure is not considered a part of the diencephalon but is known to connect the thalamic nuclei and cerebral cortex
  5. the following is a description of which subdivision of the ventricular system: a roughly pyramid-shaped space. Dorsally, this ventricle extends
    into the cerebellum, and caudally it forms a narrow channel which more caudally
    continues into the cerebral spinal cord and forms the central canal.
  1. a control environment of CNS
  2. b dura mater
  3. c internal capsule
  4. d ventral
  5. e fourth ventricle

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  1. somatic
  2. nodes of ranvier
  3. levator palpebrae superioris muscle
  4. cranial nerve 1
  5. spina bifida occulta

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  1. which type of hemorage is characterized by bleeding in the subarachnoid spacedura mater


  2. what is formed from two vertebral arteries supplying the anterior aspect of the spinal corddorsal


  3. there are two of which of the spinal cord arteryposterior spinal artery


  4. what is used as a research tool in studying connections between cellsrefractory period


  5. which type of change (passive/active) occurs when any current that comes in takes control and does its own thingmultipolar