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  1. celerity
  2. ardent
  3. relinquish
  4. arbitrate
  5. Spurious
  1. a outwardly similar but not genuine, false, deceitful. ADJ
  2. b characterized by eager or zealous support or activity
  3. c to act as judge between two parties, to decide V
  4. d swiftness, speed N
  5. e to renounce or surrender as like a possession, to give up, V

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  1. a conclusion drawn on limited evidence N/V
  2. a display of daring esp. in music, a brilliant performance N
  3. friendship, peaceful harmony, mutual peace between nations. N
  4. a living being, a creature, esp. a human N
  5. copy

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  1. inoculateempty and insubstantial, lacking meaning. ADJ


  2. surlyirritably sullen in mood or manner, grumpy ADJ


  3. purportoutwardly similar but not genuine, false, deceitful. ADJ


  4. Lassitudea condition of weariness or sloth. ADJ


  5. capaciousADJ, Flagrantly wicked, impious