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  1. Saladin
  2. Ma'arat al-Numan
  3. Bubonic Plague
  4. Gothic
  5. parliament
  1. a one of the most famous Muslim leaders of the 1100s who wished to chase the Crusaders back into their own territories.
  2. b This is where Christians would commit the most evil atrocity of the Crusades.
  3. c one-third of the population of Europe died of this.
  4. d relating to a style of church architecture that developed in medieval Europe, featuring ribbed vaults, stained glass windows, flying buttresses, pointed arches and tall spires.
  5. e a body of representatives that makes laws for a nation.

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  1. the everyday language of people in a region or country.
  2. The Latin Word for the Roman javelin.
  3. the selling or buying of a position in a Christian church
  4. Tried to recapture Jerusalem 1212 . Almost all were killed or enslaved.
  5. In the battle here, the longbow not chivalry won the day.

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  1. Spanish Inquisitionestablished in 1481 by Ferdinand and Isabela.


  2. MoorsMuslims of Spain


  3. Estates-Generalan assembly


  4. LongbowCalled the machine gun of the Middle Ages.


  5. Caligaethe heavy military sandals that used iron hob-nails as treads.