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  1. Booker T Washington
  2. The battle of Vicksburg
  3. Communism
  4. "Stonewall" Jackson
  5. Thomas Jefferson
  1. a third president who bought the Louisiana Territory in 1803
  2. b the gov't takes things from the people and claims them for themselves, people are forced work for Communist or suffer
  3. c the battle where General Grant defeated the Confederates in Mississippi
  4. d one of the greatest military heroes of the Civil War and one of the greatest generals of all times
  5. e a teacher who started the Tuskegee Institute

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  1. president of the Confederate States of America
  2. people who rule by force and do not allow their subjects any freedom
  3. explorers picked by President Jefferson to explore the Louisiana Territory
  4. Mexican dictator who fought to keep Texas under Mexican rule
  5. Booker T. Washington built this school to educate black students on learning how to support themselves and prosper

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  1. morse codesystem of dots and dashes used to represent the letters of the alphabet and numbers. These dots and dashes are tapped out over a telegraph wires


  2. Mexican CessionPresident Wilson kept USA neutral first 3 yrs of the war


  3. John Wilkes Boothwrote the first major American dictionary


  4. RussiaMail-by-train, went from New York to California in 24 hours


  5. Louisiana Purchasemore than doubled the size of the United States