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  1. which cells of the bbb are known to have end feet that cover majority of the brain
  2. which type of neurons bring information to the cns
  3. which cells are known to be bidirectional on injury meaning they can help or harm
  4. which cells of the bbb are known to be connective tissue cells with smooth muscle like properties
  5. which transport mechanism across the bbb is the active endocytosis transport of a molecule after it binds to a receptor on the cell membrane
  1. a astrocyte
  2. b glial cells
  3. c afferent/sensory
  4. d receptor mediated
  5. e pericyte

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  1. neuron
  2. blood brain barrier
  3. axonotmesis
  4. adsorptive mediated
  5. marginal

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  1. passive principle of synaptic integration states that larger neurons have____resting membrane resistance and_____capacitanceadsorptive mediated


  2. which transport mechanism across the bbb involves the passive movement of molecules after binding to a protein and changing its shapereceptor mediated


  3. what is the term for the growth of an axon to reach its targetpathfinding


  4. one way to help a drug cross the bbb is to increase the example isastorcyte


  5. which transport mechanism across the bbb moves insulin and transferinreceptor mediated