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  1. transgress
  2. fetter
  3. vapid
  4. sinecure
  5. extricate
  1. a insipid, lifeless, colorless; dull, uninteresting, tiresome, lacking in sharpness, flavor, liveliness, or force
  2. b disentangle, extract, disengage; free from entanglements, to remove with effort
  3. c a position requiring little or no work, and easy job; "no-show", cushy job, "plum"
  4. d a chain or shackle; restraint, bond,bind, hamper
  5. e to go beyond limit or boundary, to sin; overstep, exceed, trespass, err

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  1. abnormal; exceptional, atypical, unusual, aberrant
  2. profoundly educated, well-read
  3. filmy, diaphanous
  4. ambience, atmosphere
  5. narrow-minded, parochial, provincial

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  1. surreptitiousstealthy, secret, intended to escape observation; furtive, covert, clandestine, concealed


  2. fractiousrefractory, recalcitrant, peevish; tending to be troublesome, unruly, quarrelsome, unpredictable


  3. disabuseextremely strange;grotesque, fantastic, outlandish


  4. scathingsearing, harsh, ferocious, savage; bitterly severe, withering, cause great harm


  5. querulouspetulant, touchy, cranky, irritable