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  1. tsetse fly
  2. bride price
  3. AIDS
  4. south africa
  5. savannas
  1. a 33% of zimbabwe's adult population has this disease
  2. b large grasslands of africa
  3. c most industrialized country in africa
    known for its gold and diamonds
    first free election was in 1994
  4. d a symbol that the union of 2 people is legitimate
  5. e a bite from an infected ____________ can cause sleeping sickness

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  1. Method of clearing land for planting by cutting and burning forests.
  2. british colony founded for former slaves
  3. Wind from the Sahara during winter months.
  4. Widespread cutting of forests.
  5. Small part of a country that is separated from the main part.

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  1. Ethiopian HighlandsA source for the Nile river. (Not a lake)


  2. Lake VictoriaA source for the Nile River. (Is a lake)


  3. liberiahas the largest populaton in africa on the western side
    oil is the major mineral resource and largest export


  4. Lesothothe newest country (nation) in africa


  5. Cape of Good HopeSouthern tip of the continent Africa.