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  1. commence
  2. forsee
  3. savory
  4. jargon
  5. veracity
  1. a to see or know ahead of time
  2. b truthfulness or accurarcy; conformity to fact or truth
  3. c a specialized vocabulary of a profession or trade; nonsensical or meaningless conversation
  4. d pleasing to the taste or smell; appetizing; flavorful; spicy or salty, but not sweet; morallygood or satisfactory; respectable
  5. e to begin

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  1. to give approval or praise
  2. the process of rotting, breaking down, or disintegration
  3. to make impossible or unlikely; to prevent
  4. a person with refined taste, especially in food and drink
  5. sly intelligence; craftiness with the intention to deceive

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  1. subsideto sink to a lower or more normal level; to become less active or intense


  2. connotationsomething newly introduced or created


  3. subliminalbelow the threshold of concious thought; not detectable, but able to bring a response


  4. scuttleto run or more with short, hurried movements; to scurry


  5. anathemasomething or someone that is greatly hated and avoided