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  1. pedantic
  2. panegyric
  3. martinet
  4. recondite
  5. immolate
  1. a to kill someone as a sacrificial victim, usually by fire
  2. b difficult to understand; profound
  3. c an expression of praise
  4. d a strict disciplinarian; taskmaster
  5. e tending to show off one's learning

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  1. extremely necessary, vitally important
  2. accidental, nonessential, incidental
  3. savage, brutal, brutish, vile, cruel
  4. to ask persistently, beg, appeal, badger
  5. absurd; distorted

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  1. amorphousburdensome; heavy; hard to endure


  2. ebullienta sad or mournful poem


  3. obloquyoverly decorated


  4. antipathyan intense dislike


  5. ignobleto scoff; to ridicule