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  1. Punctilios
  2. Florid
  3. in
  4. lex
  5. phlegamtic
  1. a Rosy red in colour
  2. b calm and unemotional
  3. c word
  4. d Attentive to details in conduct or action
  5. e in or not

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  1. persistent
  2. Exaggerated emotional behavior
  3. Medication to reduce or eliminate pain
  4. To confuse; to perplex
  5. a cure-all

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  1. virulentto impress upon or teach someone by repetition


  2. wizenedin or not


  3. UnpalatableUnpleasant to the taste or the mind


  4. condescendingdifficult or impossible to discern


  5. inculcateto impress upon or teach someone by repetition