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  1. autonomic nervous system abbreviation?
  2. the major mineralocorticoid is?
  3. parathyroid glands function?
  4. diabetes insipidus DI
  5. pituitary gland consistis of these parts
  1. a maintain normal serum calcium levels
  2. b aldosterone
  3. c ANS
  4. d anterior lobe and posterior lobe
  5. e frequent thirst and urination. "tasteless"

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  1. increase heart rate and blood pressure, dilate bronchial tubes, and release glucose(sugars) for energy
  2. neurohypophysis
  3. Autonomic nervous system
  4. controls the activity of a gland
  5. gland

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  1. hyper/thyroid/isminsufficient levels of T4, T3


  2. thymusproduces thymosin; part of immune system


  3. androgen is also named?hypophysis


  4. adrenocorticotropic hormone ACTH stimulatesgrowth of bones, other tissues


  5. prolactin functionstimulates milk production