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  1. Bacterialcidal
  2. Mycobacteria
  3. Bacteriostatic
  4. Time
  5. Mutation rate
  1. a mycolic wax prevents absoprtion of antibiotics
  2. b 1 in 10,000 transcriptions
    transcription should be flawless
  3. c kills bacteria
    vegetative cells
    no spores
  4. d halts prolieferation
  5. e constant

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  1. resistant to disinfectants
    mycolic acid does not allow penetration
  2. Most resistant to heat? Why?
  3. < 200 T-cell/ uL
  4. resistant bacteria
  5. chemical that treats mucrobial infection, medication

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  1. Thermal death pointminimal temperatures required to kill all microbes in a liquid in 10 minutes


  2. Sensitivemicrobial growth is greatly inhibited by the antibiotic
    llarge clear ring around the antibiotic disc


  3. Lymphocytesproduce and secrete antibodies (serum proteins) that help the body to fight the unvadig virus


  4. E. colionly exists in vegetative


  5. Cytochrome C is presentzinc powder