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  1. Apprehension
  2. Jilt
  3. Parley
  4. Immortality
  5. Wretched
  1. a to abandon or desert
  2. b an informal discussion with an enemy during a truce
  3. c dejected
  4. d the state of living or lasting forever
  5. e expectation of misfortune

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  1. Writing that uses humor to ridicule or criticize individuals, ideas, institutions, social conventions, or other works of art and literature.
  2. compatible
  3. The writer enlarges or overstates beyond the bounds of truth.
  4. to agree
  5. an external part

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  1. Hasterapidness of action


  2. Starkabsolute


  3. RomanticismA literary movement that sought to portray ordinary life as real people live it. Attempted to show characters and events in an objective, almost factual way.


  4. Imperativeextremely important or urgent


  5. Malignevil in nature