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  1. polemical
  2. etymology
  3. dogged
  4. circumlocution
  5. Canard
  1. a relating to controversy or argument
  2. b unrelenting; persistent
  3. c a deliberately misleading story
  4. d unnecessarily wordy or evasive language
  5. e the history of a word; the study of word origins

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  1. related to or resembling an ape or monkey
  2. relating to ordinary people
  3. shriveled or withered from age or illness
  4. an uneasiness caused by guilt; a qualm
  5. to express oneself enthusiastically

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  1. bellicosewarlike; inclined to fight


  2. veneera thin, attractive layer that conceals something common or coarse


  3. indolenttimid


  4. epiphanya revelation; sudden knowledge or insight


  5. disingenuousinsincere; calculating