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  1. Infiltrate
  2. Panacea
  3. Legacy
  4. Magnanimous
  5. Innate
  1. a generous
  2. b a gift made by a will
  3. c pass into or through by filtering or permeating
  4. d A glib or Facetious for anything and everything; a supposed universal cure; a cure - all.
  5. e inborn; natural

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  1. uncorrectable
  2. Making a show of learning; being formal or precise about minor matters in scholarship.
  3. To imprison; to confine
  4. Unruly;stubborn
  5. charge with a crime

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  1. InnocuousHarmless


  2. NominalIn name only, not in fact; relatively trifling or quite small in value.


  3. Meticulousextremely careful; fastidious; painstaking


  4. OstentatiousShowy; pretentious; too fancy


  5. ImplicationUnderstood but not stated