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  1. hidebound
  2. denizen
  3. prowess
  4. remand
  5. de facto
  1. a [L. "of the fact"] (adj) actually existing or in effect, although not legally required or sanctioned (adv) in reality, actually
  2. b [OE "to be bound in one's own skin"] (adj) narrow-minded and rigid, especially in opinions or prejudices; stubbornly and unthinkingly conservative
  3. c (n) skill or expertise in a particular activity or field; bravery in battle
  4. d [denz=within] (n) inhabitant, resident, dweller, one admitted to residence/citizenship
  5. e [L. re=again + mandare=to entrust] (vt) to send or order back; in law, to send back to jail or lower court

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  1. [OF mesler=to mix, jumble] (n) a confused struggle; a violent free-for-all; a tumultuous mingling
  2. [Fr. mal=bad + content, satisfied] (adj) dissatisfied with or in open defiance of prevailing conditions (n) a person who is malcontent
  3. [ME noy=annoyance, from OE "enui"] (adj) offensive to the senses; disgusting; foul-smelling; noxious, harmful
  4. [L. ex=out + fetus=fruitful] (adj) weak, lacking wholesome vigor/energy; having lost character, vitality, or strength; worn-out or exhausted; sterile or unable to produce; out-of-date
  5. [Gk. en=in + pathos=emotion] (n) a sympathetic understanding of or identification with the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of someone or something else

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  1. dictum[L.dicere=something said] (n) a formal pronouncement from an authoritative source; maxim; a short saying (i.e."might makes right")


  2. supine[OE bana=killer] (n) the source or cause of death, destruction, or ruin; death or ruin itself


  3. deracinate[L. de=from + racine=rock] (vt) to pull up from the roots; to root out, uproot, or dislocate; to eliminate all traces of


  4. waggish(adj) fond of making jokes; characteristic of a joker; playfully humorous or droll (having a wonderful sparkling wit)


  5. urbane[OE bana=killer] (n) the source or cause of death, destruction, or ruin; death or ruin itself