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  1. Inebriated
  2. Juggernaut
  3. Chastise
  4. Adage
  5. Extricate
  1. a to rebuke or criticize severely
  2. b drunk, intoxicated
  3. c to free from a tangled or difficult situation
  4. d old saying or proverb
  5. e huge force destroying everything in its path

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  1. keenness of judgment or insight
  2. having a great appetite
  3. stubborn, holding firm
  4. aptitude, ease in doing something
  5. type or kind

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  1. Impregnableendless; seeming to be without end


  2. Expoundbordering on being indecent or improper


  3. Ordainto make someone a priest or minister


  4. Insularclothed or covered


  5. Tenuousboredom, lack of interest and energy