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  1. covenant
  2. cathedral
  3. King David
  4. canon
  5. being
  1. a greek for on- as the unchanging ultimate reality in contrast to changing earthly life. for plato being is the cosmic power that shapes the world following eternal patterns. West theology absorbed the philosophy of Being in various ways. Martin Heideggers being and time is the modern standard for re thinking being.
  2. b the official sacred texts of a religion
  3. c a large church that is the seat or office of the bishop who leads many churches in a Roman Catholic or Anglican (england)/ episocopal (US) diocese, or region.
  4. d a formal agreement , treaty, or contract giving each party obligations. may bind individuals states or God. Hebrew covenants with God included Noah, abraham, moses and david, some promsiing the land of israel to the hebrews
  5. e the most powerful king of biblical Israel david established the capital in Jerusalem and rules frm 1010-970 BCE. In tradtion as a boy he defeated the giant philistine goliath. He became a warlord fighting the philistines. when king , ex expanded israelite terriotory and married bathsheba, their second son was Solomon. many psalms are attributed to david

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  1. a muslim religious and legal leader of the Shi'a tradition with great learning and righteousness
  2. christian holy day on sunday in the spring celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after his crucifixion
  3. being hung to die on a cross. an ancient roman means of execution for criminals, also used for Jesus
  4. liberal openess to new ideas such as women rabbis and local language in services.
  5. a long ocean spearating arabia from africa. Pharaoh pursued the hebrews to the red sea where god separated waters like a wall on each side so they could pass on dry land. then waters rushed back drowing the egyptians. shows the power of god to overcome injustice.

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  1. sephardimmuslim belief that the wyas of allah exceed human understanding, which requires revelation


  2. mount sinaia mountain range in the Negeve desert out of israel


  3. ninety five thesesa roman catholic nun born in albania. drawn to serve the ill and dying in streets of calcutta, she formed the missionaries of charity, who take dying peopel off streets and nurse them back at home for dying desitutes. awarded nobel peace price in 1978


  4. sufipre islamic spirits, friednly or hostile, absorbed into Islam


  5. hagaran important ancient city and caravan stop in nw mesopotamia in tradition, abrahams father settled there with his family and later abraham left there to go west to canaan