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  1. bibulous
  2. in medias res
  3. traumatic
  4. denizen
  5. bane
  1. a [OE bana=killer] (n) the source or cause of death, destruction, or ruin; death or ruin itself
  2. b [L. bibere=to drink] (adj) fond of drinking alcohol; absorbent
  3. c [Gk. trauma=wound] (adj) emotionally distressing
  4. d [L. in the middle of things] (adv) in/into the middle of the plot
  5. e [denz=within] (n) inhabitant, resident, dweller, one admitted to residence/citizenship

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  1. (n) a person devoted to sensuous pleasure and luxurious living; a person with refined taste, especially in food/wine
  2. [L. cor=together + robur=strength] (vt) to confirm or give support to (a statement, theory/finding)
  3. [Gk. "depth"] (n) grossly insincere or exaggerated sentimentality; trite material presented in an elevated tone; the lowest phase, nadir; an anticlimax, comedown
  4. [L. vacuus=empty] (adj.) having/showing lack of thought or intelligence; mindless
  5. [Fr. bruire=to roar] (vt) to spread news reports or unsubstantial rumors; to spread the dirt

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  1. bilk(vt) to defraud, to cheat (someone) out of something valuable; to evade payment of or to; to slip away from; to block the development of; to frustrate


  2. internecine(vt) to cancel, repeal, annul, make void


  3. proselyte[Gk. proselytos=newcomer] (n) a convert; a disciple


  4. depredation[L. ab=from + errare=to wander] (n) a departure from what is proper, right, expected, or normal; a lapse from a sound mental state


  5. pander[Gr. Pandarus, the pimp who procured Gressidafer from Troilus] (v prep) to cater to or provide satisfaction for the low tastes or vices of others (vt) in law, to sell or distribute by pandering (n) a person who panders; a pimp