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  1. which circumventricualr organ controls neurohormone release
  2. which type of degeneration of peripheral nerves block of AP transduction and axoplasm flow; connective
    tissues intact; recovery
  3. which type of cell division produces 2 different cells that one remains in the ventricular zone and the other migrates to become a neuron
  4. what is a diffusible molecule that chases growth cones away from the at
  5. passive principle of synaptic integration states that larger neurons have____resting membrane resistance and_____capacitance
  1. a lower
  2. b horizontal/asymetric
  3. c chemorepellant
  4. d neuropraxia
  5. e median eminence

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  1. song box
  2. P75
  3. initial segment of the axon hillock
  4. GPCR
  5. reelin

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  1. phagocytosis is the responsibility of what type of cellinward current on dendrite


  2. what is defined as the time it takes for the membrane potential to arrive at 63% of its final peak value or decay 37% of its peaktime constant


  3. who was initially discovered the blood brain barrierpail elrich


  4. where is the region of most post natal brain developmentround/polar


  5. which cell type of the bbb is also the most abundant glial cellmantle zone