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  1. what term represents the value of the potential at equilibrium
  2. what are the components of a chemical synapse
  3. where is white matter located in the spinal cord
  4. which portion of the dorsal thalmus is linked to the frontal and temporal lobes and amygdaloid
  5. what are the break points on the axon with no myelin
  1. a nodes of ranvier
  2. b equilibrium potential
  3. c medial thalamic nuclei
  4. d presynaptic, postsynaptic, synaptic cleft
  5. e outside

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  1. hypothalamus
  2. calcium
  3. sodium, chloride, magnesium
  4. intralaminar thalamic nuclei
  5. occlusion

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  1. the ions in the axoplasm make it a better conductor howneuropores


  2. what is the yellow brown by product of neuron metabolism that if accumulated can be harmfullipofuscin


  3. what are the intermediate filaments that make the cytoskeleton of the axonneurofilaments


  4. what is the transport protein used in anterogradekinesin


  5. what results when a membrane is permeable to potassium and switches to being permeable to sodiumno net movment