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  1. drive
  2. self-report
  3. instinct
  4. the two perennial questions
  5. external regulation of motivation
  1. a is information provided by a person, such as through a survey or interview
  2. b are what causes behaviour? and why does behaviour vary in its intensity?
  3. c physiological study of the _________ proved an intellectual dead end as it became clear that "naming is not explaining"
  4. d incentives, consequences, and rewards
  5. e is the theory that behaviour is motivated to the extent that it served the needs of the organism and restored a biological homeostasis

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  1. is a stress hormone associated with poor intellectual functioning, negative affect, and poor health outcomes
  2. electrical changes on the surface of the skin (expression of or stimulus significance)
  3. withdraw motivational and emotional tendencies
  4. is the second grand theory
  5. are physiological, psychological, and social

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  1. arcuate nucleuspleasureable feelings associated with feeding, drinking, mating


  2. cerebral cortex (frontal lobes)learning the incentive value of events, making choices


  3. brain structureactivation of brain structures such as the amygdala (fear) or the prefrontal cortex (setting goals)


  4. orbitofrontal cortexEx: food deprivation


  5. willis any condition within the person that is essential and necessary for life, growth, and well-being