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  1. arcane
  2. (n.) fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners
  3. irascible
  4. carcinogen
  5. a dark outline against a light background
  1. a silhouette
  2. b xenophobia
  3. c a substance that causes cancer
  4. d secret, mysterious
  5. e mad, easily angered, hot-tempered

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  1. producing a hissing sound
  2. queue
  3. sediment
  4. ravenous
  5. attentive, obedient, overly polite

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  1. conveyancea means of transporting


  2. to banish, to not includefiasco


  3. festoona decorative chain or strip hung in a curve between two points


  4. precariousrisky dangerous, unstable


  5. parochialfashionable and hip