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  1. values
  2. executing
  3. Parallel Processing
  4. windows
  5. jack
  1. a A computer problem is solved by using multiple processors functioning together at the same time.
  2. b running programs
  3. c used to identify audio and video ports
  4. d numbers
  5. e the process of carrying out the commands

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  1. note taking software personal info software (PIM) accounting software document management software. organizes everything
  2. American Standard Code for Information Interchange, a mapping that takes common characters in English and maps them to numbers so that they can be represented on a computer. Example: "A" maps to the decimal number 65 or the byte 01000001.
  3. electrical channel hat transfers electronic bits internally within the circuitry of a computer, allowing the devices both inside and attached to the system to communicate with each other
  4. allows you to change data in one place and have all calculations based on that data automatically updated.
  5. doen't lose its contents when power is removed from the computer

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  1. decodingrefers to the process of translating the instruction into signals the computer can execute


  2. "what you see is what you get."indicates that the program shows final results.


  3. expansion slota socketon the motherboard that can hold an adapter card


  4. terabyteThe smallest practical unit of a computer memory. consists of 8 individual bits ( 1s or 0s).


  5. tablecollection of related data that is organized in records